So, how do we get there?

Getting your website up and running shouldn't be a stressful or difficult process. We're here to make it easy and guide you through step by step.

Step 1: Discovery + Strategy

We take the time to get to know you, your business, and your goals. We learn about the audience you want to target and use all of this information to create the most targeted design and user experience for your site.

We thoroughly explore your style, preferences, and existing workflow to make sure that the site we build is exactly what you're looking for, and is something that can be maintained long term.

We'll create a full project plan and timeline so you know what to expect through the entire process.


Step 2: Design

Next, we'll dig in to the look and feel of the site. We'll create a basic framework for content organization and begin looking at fonts, colors, and other visual aspects of the website.

If you need help with a logo, or other branding, we can do that too!

We'll create full mockups and give you several options for color palette, font treatment, and other design aspects before we even begin building to make sure we're all on the same page.


Step 3: Build

Once we finalize a design, we'll go through our iterative build process, keeping you involved as we progress to ensure we're moving towards the same final target.

We love feedback, so you'll see the progress as we go and be able to give us your input through the entire process.

We'll include a revision round to ensure you're thrilled with the final product.


Step 4: Launch

Once we've completed any final revisions and everything is just as you want it to be, we'll get ready to launch the new website.

We'll work with you to find the best time to launch to avoid any downtime on an existing site, or coordinate a launch with a public announcement.

We'll take care of the entire launch process and help you coordinate website hosting, domain registration, and anything else needed to get your new site live smoothly.


Post-Launch Support

If you have the time and resources, we'll create full documentation and provide training so that you're in full control after launch to make any updates and tweaks that you'd like. The platform we build our sites with is incredibly easy to use, so future updates can be easy and fun to do yourself.

Alternatively, if you'd rather focus on other important aspects of your business, we have several ongoing support packages and deals available. We'll work with you to find the best solution!


Have more questions? Ready to get started?